Dr Cecelia Clegg (BD MSc PhD)

Honorary Fellow, Practical Theology and Convenor of Theology and Ethics Subject Area


I am a practical theologian with a strong interest in the theme of reconciliation, in particular how to help individuals and communities to learn to live positively with differences of religion and culture.

I have a background in theology and psychological counselling; my doctoral work was in the area of theological anthropology and reconciliation.

Before coming to Edinburgh I was a member of the staff of Trinity College Dublin (Irish School of Ecumenics), where I taught 'Conflict Transformation' and courses on Religious Sectarianism.

I have worked as a conflict transformation practitioner in areas marked by intra-Christian violence in Northern Ireland and as a facilitator in local congregational or regional church settings in Britain and Ireland.

I specialise in helping Christian churches and groups to vision/re-shape their ministry and to transform their conflicts.

Since coming home to Scotland, I have begun to explore the theme churches as reconciling presences.



Research summary

Reconciliation, Religion, and Conflict

Conflict Transformation

Theology and Practice of Ministry

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