Dorothy Longley-Cook


Working thesis title: A city of marble, a city of song: Ovid’s Architectural and textual structures

I have been extremely fortunate to study both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Edinburgh University. I started Latin and Greek as a beginner during my undergraduate degree and quickly developed a passion for ancient poetry, particularly Augustan literature. My research masters was a study of Ovid's Trojan War narrative (Met. 12.1-13.622) (funded by the Edinburgh UK/EU masters scholarship). I am now in the third year of my PhD (funded by the Edinburgh HCA doctoral scholarship) on architecture in the Ovidian corpus.


Responsibilities & affiliations

Postgraduate Representative in Classics

PG Tutor Representative in History, Classics and Archaeology 

Undergraduate teaching

I tutor on beginner and intermediate Latin courses (Latin 1A, 1C, 1D and 2A ex-beginners) and have previously tutored on Greek language (Greek 1D) and Roman history courses (Roman World 1B).