Ding Kehan

Thesis title: Buddhist Monastic Tea in Song-Yuan China: A Deconstruction of Chan-tea Culture


Kehan received her master's degree in Chinese studies at Edinburgh in 2018 and started her PhD in the following academic year. Most of her research interests lie in the overlap of Chan Buddhism and medieval Chinese history, including Buddhist monastic rituals, the state administration of Buddhism, the narrative of Chan hagiographies, and the history of tea.

Fellowship & Scholarship

2020   Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy

2016   China National Scholarship

Responsibilities & affiliations

Tutor in Chinese, LLC, University of Edinburgh

Intern at CAMLab, FAS, Harvard University

Member of Edinburgh Buddhist Studies Network

Undergraduate teaching

Pre-Modern East Asian History and the Forces That Shaped It

Society and Culture in Pre-Modern East Asia

Modern East Asian History B

Conference details

[25 Aug 2022]   The 24th Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS), Palacký University Olomouc

                               “The Administration of Buddhism in the Northern Song (960-1127): Inter-Prefectural Restriction and Intra-Prefectural Autonomy”

[30 July 2022]    International Conference “How Zen Became Chan”, Yale University

                                “The Spatial Orientation of Chan Rituals: Bridging Buddhist Monastic Practices with Chinese State Rites in Medieval China”

[13 Aug 2021]    The 2021 Glorisun International Intensive Program on Buddhism: Young Scholars’ Forum, CAMLab, Harvard University

                                “The Syntax of Ritual Formulation in the Song-Yuan Buddhist Monasteries”

[3-6 Aug 2020]   The Third Middle-Period China Humanities Conference (220-1600), Yale University (cancelled)

                                “Chan Monastic Tea Rituals in Song-Yuan China: A Deconstruction of Chancha”

[26 Sep 2019]      Scotland-China Association, Glasgow

                                “Tea Drinking in Medieval China”