Deborah Charlesworth



Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh,
Ashworth Lab., room G.61A

Charlotte Auerbach Road, King's Buildings, Edinburgh
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1968    PhD (Genetics) Cambridge University

1968 - 69    MRC Junior Research Fellow, Cambridge University

1969-71    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Chicago

1971-74    Honorary Research Fellow, Liverpool University

1974-84    Temporary Lecturer, University of Sussex

1977-78    Visiting Scientist, NIEHS (NIH) North Carolina

1984-88    Research Associate, University of Chicago

1988-92    Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

1992-1997    Professor, University of Chicago

1997-2002    NERC Senior Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

1997-present    Professorial Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

2005    Fellow of the Royal Society

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Research summary

Evolutionary and population genetics, particularly topics in the general area of the evolution of breeding systems and sex chromosomes.

Current research interests

The genetics and evolution of the Y chromosome in the guppy (a fish, Poecilia reticulata).

Past research interests

Self-incompatibility, the evolution of Y-linked genes in the white campion, Silene latifolia.

Research activities

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Current project grants

ERC Advanced grant: Evolutionary genetics of guppy sex chromosomes (695225)

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Invited speaker

Invited speaker in Crafoord Prize symposium, Stockholm, May 2015

Invited speaker in symposium on sex chromosomes, annual SMBE Conference, Vienna 2015

Invited speaker in “BarrettFest” symposium honouring SCH Barrett, University of Toronto, September 2018


Population Genetics Group annual meeting (every year)