Ms Dawn Windsor

Named Training and Competency Officer


I worked as a Research assistant in labs for more than 30 years. This has included pathology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. I moved into a project management role to facilitate the relocation to the new Rolsin Institute building on the Easterbush Campus. I then moved into the Deputy Campus Facilities Manager role with full responsibility for all the teaching technical staff on the Campus. I am also the lab coordinator for Roslin Institute and lab space planner.

The role of facilities  is to proactively build relationships with staff, students and other building users to ensure that the building and facilities are used appropriately, and to create an effective channel for users to provide feedback and suggestions. The facilities team  ensure that the buildings are maintained to a high standard, meeting the  expectations of the users, and facilitating the teaching, research and clinical requirements of the Campus.

Responsibilities & affiliations