Dr David Wragg

Bioinformatician/Statistical Geneticist


I spent 8 years in the civil service before completing a PhD in Genetics in 2013 at the University of Nottingham, focused on the genomic control of Mendelian traits in fancy and village chicken. A foundation of the thesis was mapping and unscrambling the causal mutation that gives rise to blue eggs in some chicken breeds. Since then I've studied endogenous retrovirus integration sites in chicken, signatures of selection in various livestock species, genetic diversity of honey bees, and gene expression cis-regulatory haplotypes in humans. I'm currently involved in a project at the Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health (CTLGH), working on genetic tolerance to Theileria parva infection in cattle. T. parva is a parasite responsible for East Coast Fever - the single biggest killer of cattle across eastern, central and southern Africa, estimated to cause one death every 30 seconds. I'm a 'dry lab' scientist, so my research on genetics employs bioinformatics and statistical modeling.

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