Dr Dave Saunders

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology


I am the programme leader for the BSc Applied Sport Science degree in our institute.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Biochemistry of exercise
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Exercise physiology
  • Exercise presecription for rehabilitation

Postgraduate teaching

  • Research methods
  • Information skills
  • Dissertation supervision

Current PhD students supervised

  • Nuno Oliveira- The effect of fatigue on the 3-d kinematics of the water-polo eggbeater kick

Research summary

  • exercise physiology
  • fitness and function in elderly people and patient groups including stroke patients

Current and recent research

My research contributes to evidence supporting a role for exercise training after stroke. Exercise can increase the low levels of fitness among stroke survivors, improve their day-to-day physical functioning, it may imrove mood and reduce the chance of other health problems including recurrent stroke.

The methods I use include systematic review methodologies which aim to take stock of all available high quality evidence, and meta-analyses which determine statistically the various effect of exercise after stroke.

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