Daniel McColm

PhD Linguistics & English Language

  • Linguistics and English Language
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Research interests

My research is concerned with multiple source constructions in language change from a cross-linguistic perspective, using the development of the way-construction in three Germanic languages (English, German and Dutch) as a case study, in particular to develop theoretical aspects of principles of constructionalization and constructional change, outlined by Traugott & Trousdale (2013). 

I am also interested in Bybeean exemplar models of language, corpus linguistics, collostructional analysis techniques (see e.g. Gries and Stefanowitsch 2003) and usage-based Construction Grammar, the theoretical framework in which my research is conducted.

Previous research projects
  • Masters dissertation on the evolution of the way-construction & fake reflexive resultative construction from 1820 to the present day
  • Whatever happened to whatever? The atypical development of an interjection in the recent history of English. Co-authored with Dr Graeme Trousdale. (2017)

Research summary

Construction Grammar