Daniel Barker


2020+. Academic Lead for Public Engagement in the School of Biological Sciences.

2019+. MSc Bioinformatics Programme Director.

2018+. Reader in Bioinformatics, University of Edinburgh.

2016-2018. Lecturer in Bioinformatics, University of Edinburgh.

2010-2015. Lecturer in Biology, University of St Andrews.

2005-2010. Research Councils UK Academic Fellow in Evolutionary and Functional Genomics, University of St Andrews.

2002-2005. Research Fellow, University of Reading.

2001-2002. Developer, Ensembl project, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

1999-2001. Software Engineer and Software Engineer II, Analog Devices Inc.

Postgraduate teaching

MSc Bioinformatics. Programme Director.

Bioinformatics 1 (INFR11160). Lecturer.

Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics (PGBI11115). Course Organiser.

Current PhD students supervised

Maria Mantas, Joe Guscott, Edward Martin.

Research summary

Bioinformatics education, phylogeny reconstruction and philosophy of science.

4273π - Software for Teaching and Learning Computational Biology. https://4273pi.org

LVB - Reconstructing Evolution with Parsimony and Simulated Annealing. http://lvb.bio.ed.ac.uk

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