Dr Consuelo Martino (BA, MA, PhD)

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow; Roman History & Latin Literature


I joined the School of History, Classics and Archaeology as Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in May 2023 after holding positions at the University of Durham (2022-23) and the University of Warwick (2021-22). I completed both my BA and MA in Italy at the University of Padova, where I specialised in Roman History and Latin Literature. I received my Ph.D. from the University of St Andrews in 2021 with a thesis that explored how key figures and events of the Late Roman Republic have informed Suetonius’ narrative of the Julio-Claudian emperors in the Lives of the Caesars. I am currently working on my first monograph.

Undergraduate teaching

War, Trauma and Survival: from Antiquity to the Present (ANHI10103)

Research summary


  • Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Near East


  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Comparative & Global History
  • Imperialism
  • Language & Literature
  • Material Culture
  • Politics
  • Society
  • War


  • Antiquity
  • Twentieth Century & After

Research interests

My research is centred on the cultural history, literature and politics of the Late Roman Republic and the Augustan principate as well as its reception in the empire. My main research focuses are:

- History and Narrative of Civil war (from antiquity to nowadays)

- Genocide Studies

- Leadership representation and leadership theory

- Combat trauma, war trauma and cultural trauma

- Politics of the late Roman Republic

- Julius Caesar and his imperial memory

- The ‘alternative voices’ to Augustus in the Triumviral age (43-31 BCE)

- Reception of Roman antiquity in the age of Totalitarianism and beyond




Current research activities

PI on Leverhulme ECF Project "Civil War and Cultural Trauma: Rethinking the Beginning of the Roman Empire"

Research projects

Research Fellow on the project “Autocracy: Leadership Ancient and Modern”, working with Principal Investigator Dr Emma Buckley (University of St Andrews, 2021)


  • Martino, C. (2021) “The Present and the Past: Echoes of the Late Republic and Augustan Rome in ab Urbe condita1” in Roncaglia, A. (ed.) Livio ad urbem condendam. Riletture del passato in età augustea. Zermeghedo: Edizioni Saecula, pp. 414-446.
  • Martino, C. (2020) Review of van Dijk, W. “The Successor. Tiberius and the Triumph of the Roman Empire. Translated by Kathleen Brandt-Carey”, Classical Review 70.2, pp. 453-455.
  • Martino, C. (2015) “Richiami alla pro Cluentio nei ‘Baccanali’ di Tito Livio”, Rivista Storica dell’Antichità 45, pp. 31-45.


  • Martino, C. (In press) “You Shall Not Dance! Suetonius' Life of Gaius between Invective and Historical Truth” in Alù, C., Bracaglia, I., Iannuzzi, L., Morelli, E., Nieddu, C. & Reali, F. (eds.) Problemi di verità. Il fatto storico tra manipolazioni e racconti canonici. Pisa: Pisa University Press.
  • Fezzi, L. & Martino, C. (Accepted/In Press), Commentary on five senatus consulta regarding the scandal of the Bona Dea in 61 B.C.: “SC de crimine Clodii”, “SC de rogatione Pupia Valeria”, “SC de rogatione Fufia”, “SC de praesidio iudicum”, “SC de iudiciis”. In Buongiorno, P., Carsana, C., Fezzi, L. (eds.) Acta Senatus / A, vol. 3, Stuttgart: Steiner.

In preparation:

  • Martino, C. Becoming Caesar. Suetonius and the Politics of Memory in the Roman Empire. Under preparation for Cambridge University Press.
  • Martino, C. “Authoritarian language and the Roman past in Fascist Latin poetry” in Damtoft Poulsen A., Hjort-Lang C. and Gerschewski J. "Languages of Autocracy: Ancient and Modern" (forthcoming 2025)