Christian Cooijmans

Research Fellow


Chris is a Research Fellow and a former doctoral candidate at the University of Edinburgh, from which he also holds an MSc in Medieval History. His research focuses on the reach and repercussions of early Scandinavian movements across the Frankish realm.


  • PhD in Scandinavian Studies - University of Edinburgh (2018)
  • MSc in Medieval History - University of Edinburgh (2013)
  • BA in Language and Culture Studies (Medieval and Celtic Studies Track) - Utrecht University (2012)

Responsibilities & Affiliations

  • Committee Member / Editor, Scottish Society for Northern Studies
  • Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
  • Member, Viking Society for Northern Research

Awards & Scholarships

  • Arts & Humanities Research Council DTP Studentship (2014-2017)
  • University of Edinburgh, College of Humanities & Social Science Research Studentship (2014-2017)
  • Publication grant from the Marc Fitch Fund (2016)
  • Publication grant from the Anglo-Swedish Literary Foundation (2016, with Ian Giles, Barbara Tesio, Ryan Foster and Laura Chapot)
  • Publication grant from the Åke Wiberg Stiftelse, Sweden (2015, with Ian Giles, Barbara Tesio, Ryan Foster and Laura Chapot)
  • Scottish Society for Northern Studies, Magnus Magnusson Memorial Prize (2014)
  • Trinity College Dublin, Fionnuala Pyle Memorial Prize (2011)

Undergraduate teaching

  • Scandinavian Civilisation A: Vikings, Sagas and the Road to Enlightenment (2015 - present)

  • Scandinavian Historical and Cultural Topics: From Runes to Rock Music (2014/15)

Research summary

  • Early Medieval Economy and Urbanisation
  • Emergence of the Viking Diaspora
  • Premodern Historiography of the Vikings
  • Digital Humanities

Conference details

  • Weaving War: New Perspectives on Violence and Society in the Viking Age, Oslo, Dec 2018: "Down by the River: Reassessing Viking Encampment across the Frankish Realm".

  • Nordic Research Network, Aberdeen, Aug 2017: "Trade, Raid, and Aggregate: Establishing a Paradigm of Viking Activity across the Frankish Realm".
  • Encounters and Reimaginings: Medieval Scandinavia and the World, Berkeley (CA), Mar 2017: "An Enemy for all Epochs: The Historiography of the Vikings in the Late Medieval Low Countries".
  • International Association of Scandinavian Studies Conference, Groningen, 2016: "Templates of Transition: Constructing Politico-Economic Models of Viking Interaction in Continental Europe".
  • International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 2016: "Viking Paradigms: Uncovering Politico-Economic Patterns of Scandinavian Activity in Normandy and Frisia".
  • International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (MI), 2015: "The Controlled Decline of Viking-Held Dorestad".
  • Northern Studies Residential Conference, Coll, 2015: "Contextualising Scandinavian Encroachment in Continental Europe during the Early Viking Age".
  • IMR Viking Age Culture Conference, Nottingham, 2012: “Viking Rule and Frisian Hinterland: Scandinavians in the Medieval Low Countries”.

Invited speaker

  • Junius Symposium, Leiden, Oct 2018: "The Scandinavian Presence in Narrative Histories of the Late Medieval Low Countries".

  • Previously: Scotland's History Festival, Edinburgh, Nov 2017: "Pixelated Pagans: Four Decades of Vikings in Video Game History".

  • Vereniging van Oudgermanisten, Utrecht University, May 2017: "Monarchs and Hydrarchs: Modelling Viking Movement across Carolingian Europe".

  • Viking Studies Research Group Seminar, University of York, Mar 2017: "Going Coastal: Towards a Paradigm of Viking Activity in Carolingian Europe".
  • Archaeology Research Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, Feb 2017: "Raid Expectations: A Paradigm of Scandinavian Activity in Carolingian Europe". 


  • "Norse and Native in Northwest Europe", Scottish Society for Northern Studies, May 2015
  • "What Happens Next?", Nordic Research Network, Edinburgh, Feb 2015


  • Cooijmans, Christian. "The Controlled Decline of Viking-Ruled Dorestad." Northern Studies 47 (2015): 32-46.

Edited Books

  • Cooijmans, Christian, ed. Traversing the Inner Seas: Contacts and Continuity around Western Scotland, the Hebrides, and the North of Ireland. Edinburgh: Scottish Society for Northern Studies, 2017.
  • Cooijmans, Christian, Ian Giles, Barbara Tesio, Ryan Foster, and Laura Chapot, eds. Beyond Borealism: New Perspectives on the North. London: Norvik Press, 2016.