Christopher Stapenhurst


I am interested in designing rules that help people and organisations to realise surplus. When corruption is a conern, this involves designing rules that hinder people from realising surplus!


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MA Mathematics and Economics, University of Aberdeen, 2014.

MSc Applicable Mathematics, The London School of Economics and Political Science, 2016.

MSc Economics, The University of Edinburgh, 2017.

Undergraduate teaching

Avdanced Mathematical Econmics

Topics in Microeconomics

Research summary

Theory: Microeconomics, incentive design, statistics.

Applications: Corruption, inequality, climate change, animal welfare.

Current research interests

Designing rules that deter unwanted cooperation (e.g. bribery). Designing statistical tests that determine when one population (e.g. a country) is more unequal than another.

Sixth World Congress of the Game Theory Society,Game Theory Society, 2021, Budapest.

Ninth ECINEQ Meeting,Society for the Study of Economic Inequality, 2021, London.

SES Annual Conference,Scottish Economic Society, 2021, Online.

Conference on Mechanism and Institution Design,Society for the Promotion of Mechanismand Institution Design, 2020, Online.

Lisbon Meetings in Game Theory and Applications, Research Unit on Complexity and Economics and the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, 2019, Lisbon.

Ce2 Workshop, Centre for Economic Analysis and Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice, 2019, Warsaw.

SES Annual Conference, Scottish Economic Society, 2019, Perth.

École Polytechnique, Summer 2019.

Maastricht University, Spring 2020