Chelsea Sambells

PhD History

  • School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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Research summary

Chelsea Sambells began in Communication Studies, gaining two degrees at the University of Calgary before transitioning to the field of history. At the University of Edinburgh, Chelsea has undertaken both a MSc in Second World War history and PhD in history (completed 2016).

Current research interests

Chelsea’s research has investigated the evacuation of 60,000 French and Belgian children to Switzerland (1940-1945), to better understand how governments and humanitarian organizations have historically and culturally protected children in war. Chelsea’s research interests include political, diplomatic, European, oral and transnational history, refugees, children, disaster and humanitarian relief, communications and rhetoric.

Sambells, Chelsea. “The Plight of Belgian Children: The Allied Interest in the Child Evacuation Scheme, 1942-1945.” In Children and War Past and Present II, edited by Grazi Prontera, Wolfgang Aschauer, John Buckley, Helga Embachler, Albert Lichtblau and Johannes-Dieter Steinert. Solihull, UK: Helion & Co., 2016.

Sambells, Chelsea. “Self-Motivated Humanitarianism?: The Study of the Evacuation of Belgian and French Children to Switzerland, 1941-1945.” In Droits des enfants au XXe siècle: Pour une histoire transnationale, edited by Yves Denéchère and David Niget. Rennes: University of Rennes, 2015.

Sambells, Chelsea. “Memories, Identity and Mother Russia: A Study of the Russian-Chechen Conflict.” STREAM Culture/Politics/Technology 2 (2009): 53-59.