Chad M Stevenson


I'm a PhD candidate (since 2018-19) at the University of Edinburgh. I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the James Forrester PhD Scholarship to support my studies. 

Previously, my philosophical education was at the University of Melbourne, where I was supervised by Dr. Daniel Halliday. My primary research interests are problems in well-being, the good life, and prudential value. I'm also interested in how well-being relates to and informs topics in ethics, political, and social philosophy.


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2018 M.A., University of Melbourne.

2013 Postgraduate diploma, University of Melbourne.

2012 Graduate diploma, University of Melbourne.

2007 Bachelor of Music performance, Box Hill Institute.

Research summary

- well-being and the good life.

- ethics and morality

- Meaning, worth, and value.


Current research interests

My current research focuses on meaning in life. Specifically, I am developing an argument in favour of a welfarist/consequentialist theory of meaning. I defend such a view from several prominent objections by both (a) marshalling responses to such objections, and (b) offering plausible alternative accounts to what the objection is actually tracking.

Past research interests

My previous work advanced a novel theory of well-being which I called the poker-hand account. I argued such a view captured a number of intuitions other types of theories couldn't, and proposed such an account could provide insight into current work on several long standing problems within the literature on the good life.