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Camden McKenna is a PhD student, philosophy tutor, and writing tutor at the University of Edinburgh.


MSc in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition, University of Edinburgh, 2017

MLitt in Philosophy, University of St Andrews and University of Stirling (SASP Joint Program), 2013

BA (Honors) in History, Bates College, 2011

Responsibilities & affiliations

Organizer of the Time and Perception Reading Group (TPRG) at the University of Edinburgh (currently on hiatus)

Undergraduate teaching

Logic I, Semester 2, 2019/20

Philosophy of Science, Semester 1, 2019/20

Greats: From Plato to the Enlightenment, Semester 2, 2018/19

Philosophy of Science, Semester 1, 2018/19

Mind, Matter and Language, Semester 2, 2017/18


I have also been a writing tutor for the University of Edinburgh PPLS Writing Centre since 2017 and encourage students to book an appointment through the PPLS Writing Centre website ( 

Research summary

Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception, Phenomenology, and especially how  all of these relate to the experience of time.

Current research interests

I am currently most interested in the philosophy, phenomenology, and cognitive science of the experience of time, and, more precisely, experiences of the passage of time and the so-called "specious" present. I hope to develop a novel account of time consciousness that accounts for the phenomenology of temporal experience and does justice to empirical data, ideally marrying such a view to a broader theory of consciousness in cognitive science. I am also interested in illusions (especially temporal illusions), representations and representationalism(s), Bayesian brains, the status of models in predictive processing, mechanistic explanations in cognitive science, moods and emotions, and the philosophical implications of more exotic perceptual states like head rushes, visual snow, entoptic phenomena, hallucinations, and, of course, time dilation and contraction.

Past research interests

In the past I have been especially concerned with the status and explanatory potency of representations in theories of consciousness. I have also focused a great deal of attention (scholarly and otherwise) on anxiety and what it can tell us about the mind.


Timescales of Life and Mind Workshop and Conference, University of Edinburgh, Nov 4-6. 2019

Andy Clark and His Critics Conference, University of Edinburgh, May 31, 2019

International Symposium: Thinking In and About Time, Centre for the Philosophy of Time and the Neurophilosophy Lab at the University of Milan, Italy, Apr. 11-12, 2019.

Models of the Mind Conference, University of Edinburgh, Apr. 19, 2018

X-Spect: Expecting Ourselves 1st Project Workshop, University of Edinburgh, Nov. 10, 2017

The World in Us: Gestalt Psychology, Phenomenology and Embodied Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh, Jul. 7-9, 2017.



Papers delivered

"The Rolling Present: Time and Culture from a Predictive Processing Perspective," Worlding the Brain, Aarhus Institue of Advanced Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark, Nov. 27-29, 2018.

"Time Perception and Predictive Processing," Mind and Cognition Group, University of Edinburgh, Oct. 9, 2017.