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Name Role Business unit(s)
Claire Tai
Mr Garry Tainsh BVM&S Partnership Officer (International)
Jamie Tait Governance Manager
Prof. Joyce Tait Founding Director of the Innogen Centre/Institute
Ms Nicola Tait Estates Campus Manager
Mrs Sally Tait BVM&S Year 5 Administrator
Dr Christine Tait-Burkard Tenure Track Fellow/Research Fellow
Hedieh Tajali Early Career Researcher
Hisako Takahashi An Examination of the Relationship between Japanese Writer Natsume Soseki & the Western Visual Arts
Professor Nazife Burcu Takil Ataturk Teaching Fellow in Turkish
Dr Tinashe Takuva Lecturer in Environmental History
Shira Tal Chancellor's Fellow
Katerina Taliatzi Contracts Support Officer
Michela Talin Teaching Fellow in Italian
Dr Lana Talmane Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Animesh Talukder - PhD Student - Psychiatric Pharmacoepidemiology
Jacky Tam PhD Student
Dr Johnny Tam Clinical Research Fellow, Rowling and Dr Hugh S P Binnie PhD Scholar
Ivo Tamahkyarov HR Officer
Andres Tamm Research Assistant