Brodie Runciman

Teaching Fellow in Physical Education


Following completion of the B.Ed. Physical Education Degree at Moray House, I taught at a High School in Fife for 7 years. During this time, I experienced different roles including Head of Rugby, Principal Teacher of Guidance and Head of Participation and Attainment (PEF funded). I have taught and contributed towards SQA National Courses and I am currently a marker for the SQA Advanced Higher PE Project. My professional interests lie in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and skill acquisition.   

Responsibilities & affiliations

Undergraduate teaching 

  • Physical Education Curriculum and pedagogy 3 – The National Awards (Course Organiser)
  • Education Studies 4: Independent Research Project in Education
  • Applied Sports Science 1a: Motor skill acquisition – An Introduction to Information Processing and Dynamical Systems Theories 
  • Physical Education Perspectives 3: Motor skill acquisition – Dynamical Systems, Direct Perception and Constraints 
  • Physical Education Curriculum and pedagogy 2 - The Early Secondary Years 
  • Education studies 2b - Inclusion and Citizenship in the 21st Century 
  • Education studies 3 - Teaching for Social Justice 
  • Professional development and Leadership 1 and 2 
  • Practical Activities (year 2 and 3) - Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Striking and Fielding, Athletics, Badminton  

Postgraduate teaching 

  • Volleyball through TGfU in the broad general education 
  • Rugby and Invasion Games, a TGfU approach 
  • School Placement 1, 2 and 3 

Project activity

DataFit Project Officer (March - July 2021)

Evidence suggests that young people in Scotland have exposure and access to physical activity tracking devices, however associated literacy and understanding the data they generate e.g. step-count, may be poor. DataFit prepares children to use personal health data to become more data literate citizens, allowing them to make positive behaviour changes around physical activity. 


Using Media Hopper to Enhance Peer-Teaching and Develop Professional Judgement and Decision Making Expertise in Student Physical Education Teachers

This project funded by the Principal's Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS) seeks to use video capturing techniques so that University-based peer-teaching episodes which students undertake in the 3rd year of their ITE programme can be used as a resource to promote a more systematic approach to professional development. The recording of the peer-teaching episodes will provide the opportunity for students to engage in collaborative practitioner enquiry beyond the mentor-mentee relationship of school placements (Girvan, Conneely & Tangney, 2016).