Bridget Moynihan (Doctoral Funding: LLC College Research Award and Global Research Scholarship)

Thesis title: Digital Découpage: Reading and Prototyping the Material Poetics and Queer Ephemera of the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks, 1931-1966


I have degrees in Sociology (BA. Hons., 2013) and English Literature (BA. Hons., 2013, MA, 2015) from the University of Calgary, leading to my current pursuit of a PhD in English Literature supervised by Dr. Anouk Lang at the University of Edinburgh. My PhD research focuses on interpreting the scrapbooks of Edwin Morgan, both through close-reading techinques and through digital humanities tools. In addition to my own dissertation, I am currently collaborating on a Carnegie Trust grant with Dr. Anouk Lang and PhD Candidate Jonathan Armoza on the project "Working from Scraps: Copyright and Materiality as Creative Constraints for Digitally Remediating the Morgan Scrapbooks."

Concurrent to my research, I have held numerous volunteer and employment positions within the University community. I currently volunteer with the Digital Imaging Unit of the University of Edinburgh Library, where I work to enrich the metadata and context of digital artefacts. In previous years, I was employed as a tutor for English Literature 2 in Fall 2017 with the University of Edinburgh; I co-founded, edited, and wrote for, an interdisciplinary arts and humanties website from September 2015-September 2017; I have served as a peer-reviewer for mulitple issues of FORUM: The Postgraduate Journal of Culture and the Arts at Edinburgh; I served as a co-organizer for the Forms of Knowledge interdisclipinary conference (7-8 November 2017), and I have been employed as a research assistant on the Edinburgh University Press's edited editions of Robert Louis Stevenson's works. From December 2015-April 2016, I was employed as a PhD Intern working with EDINA and the Data Library to describe and make discoverable publicly-funded research data sets, and from October 2016-May 2017, I was employed as an PhD Intern evening assistant with the University of Edinburgh Library's Center for Research Collections (CRC). From September 2016-May 2017, I served as co-organizer for the English Literature Work in Progress seminar series, and as the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) 2nd year class representative for English Literature Postgraduate Students.

Beyond the university, I work as a Library Advisor for the City of Edinburgh public libraries and for Armchair Books, a second-hand, rare, and antiquarian bookseller in the heart of Edinburgh. From February-April 2019, I held an internship with the British Library in London working with the notebooks of developmental biologist Anne McLaren.


Undergraduate teaching

2017: Tutor for English Literature 2, First Semester (18th and 19th Century) (Department of English, University of Edinburgh)

2014: Teaching Assistant for English 205: Shakespeare (Department of English, University of Calgary)

2010-2012: Teaching Assistant for Managerial Accounting 323 over 6 semesters (Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary)

Current project grants

Carnegie Trust: Working from Scraps: Copyright and Materiality as Creative Constraints for Digitally Remediating the Morgan Scrapbooks (PI Dr. Anouk Lang [UoE], collaborating with Bridget Moynihan [UoE] and Jonathan Armoza [NYU], £7460, 2017-18)

Past project grants

Innovative Initiative Grant (University of Edinburgh). Co-applicant for Interdisciplinary Posters for an International Conference. 2017. £1245.

Cohort Development Fund (Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities). Co-applicant for Innovative Doctoral Training Event to host a research poster training workshop. 2017. £2000

Student Led Initiative Fund (Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh). Co-applicant with Matthew Tibble for maintaining and expanding the Arts and Humanities website 2016. £300

Student Led Initiative Fund (Literatures, Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh). Co-applicant with Matthew Tibble for founding the Arts and Humanities website 2015. £200

Invited speaker

"Working from Scraps: Digital Interpretations of the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks". STM Week 2018: Innovations.Congress Centre, London: 5 December 2018. 

"Scrappy Contexts: Archival and Digital Interventions on the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks". Working Methods/Working Sources.History of Art Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Edinburgh: 5 June 2018. 


Co-Organizier of the Forms of Knowledge Conference, University of Edinburgh, 7-8 November 2017. Keynote: Sandra Laugier, Full Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and Scientific Deputy Director at the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (INSHS) at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)


Papers delivered

"Cut and Queered: Reading the Collage and Scrapbook Logics of Edwin Morgan's Poetry" Disrupting Narratives: New Perspectives on Collage, Edinburgh College of Art: 27 July 2019

Anouk Lang, Bridget Moynihan, and Jonathan Armoza. "Database Aesthetics and Ergodic Ephemerality: Remediating the Scrapbooks of Edwin Morgan." DH2019, Utrecht: 9-12 July 2019.

“Records of Identity: Remediating the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks.”New Perspectives: Digital Identities Digital Humanities Conference. Kings College London: 18-19 May 2018.

“Scrappy Contexts: Archival and Digital Interventions on the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks”. Collage in History, Practice, and Theory event, Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present conference. Edinburgh: 17-19 April 2018.

“Exploring Ephemeral Archives Through Interfaces”. Presentation and open house event showcasing digital prototypes built in collaboration with Jonathan Armoza. University of Edinburgh: 11 April, 2018 and University of Glasgow: 20 April 2018

"Exploring Edwin Morgan's Scrapbooks and Concrete Poetry Through Eye Tracking". POSTER. Forms of Knowledge Overlap 2017, University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: 7 November 2017. 

"Looking Out to Move Ahead: Reading and Digitizing the 'Prismatic Fringes' of Archives".  Canadian Society for the Digital Humanities/ Société canadienne des humanités numériques. Toronto: 26 May - 2 June 2017. 

"Destabilizing Genres: The Science of Edwin Morgan’s Poetry". Messenger to the Stars Science Fiction and Fantasy International Conference. Lisbon: 16-18 November 2016. 

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“Unpacking the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks.” Archival Uncertainties International Conference. British Library, London: 4 Apr. 2016.

“Data Visualizations and the Gibson Anthologies.” Modern Language Association Annual Conference. Vancouver: 8 Jan. 2015. Co-Presentation with Stefania Forlini and Uta Hinrichs

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“Tree of Codes: A Book Unbound.” Literary Eclectic VII  Graduate Conference, Refereed. University of Regina: 22 Sept. 2012.

Bridget Moynihan and Akmal Putra. Prototyping the Archival Ephemeral: Experimental Interfaces for the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks.Digital Studies/le Champ Numérique, 9(1), January 2019.

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Uta Hinrichs, Stefania Forlini and Bridget Moynihan. Speculative Practices: Utilizing InfoVis to Explore Untapped Literary Collections. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings Visualization / Information Visualization, October 2015), 22(1):429-438, 2016