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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dr Foteini Spingou Honorary Fellow
Lee Spinks Senior Lecturer
Dr Ana-Mishel Spiroski Research Fellow
Eva Spišiaková Shakespeare's Young Man behind the Iron Curtain: Censorship of Same-sex Affection in Czech and Slovak Sonnet Translations
Dr Graham Spittle Dean of Innovation
Mark Sprevak Senior Lecturer
Duncan Sproul CRUK Career Development Fellow
Professor John Sproule Personal Chair of Physical Education
Maggie Sproule Swire Chinese Teaching Fellow
Myrto Spyropoulou Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Dr. Upali Sraman Lecturer in Buddhist Languages and Cultures
Devi Sridhar Professor of Global Public Health
Catherine Stables Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Lauren Stables Veterinary Nurse
Allyson Stack Senior Lecturer
Kevin Stadler PhD Linguistics & English Language
Agne Stadulyte
Dr Courtney Stafford-Walter Teaching Fellow (MSc Education)
Andreea Stamate PhD Psychology