Augustus Reid

Thesis title: Black men and the therapeutic conflict: A Qualitative study using social dominance theory and a critical auto-ethnographic narrative.


Human, writer, poet, and aspiring Holistic therapist - current PhD research student interested in the elevation of humanity, de-colonialising systematic frameworks, research and mindsets. Changing dominant narratives, and how the Black male experience is perceived, received and embodied - through storytelling, all forms of creativity and advance methodologies, modes and practices.

Research summary



Current research interests

De-colonialism, The Philosophy of Immanence, Process Philosophy, Post-Humanism, Meta-Physics, Multicultural Theory, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), Critical Race theory, Social dominance theory, Writing as an Inquiry, Reflective Poetry as an Inquiry, Creative Relational Inquiry, Autoethnography, Art Based and Post-Qualitive research