Arne Kruse

Senior Lecturer


Arne has worked at Volda University College, the University of Lund, the University of Wisconsin, and he has been employed at the Scandinavian Section at the University of Edinburgh since 1989.


  • Cand. Philol. (Trondheim)
  • PhD (Edinburgh)

Undergraduate teaching

  • Norwegian Language 2
  • Scandinavian Languages 2
  • Norwegian Honours, language
  • Scandinavian Language History, Honours Option course
  • Scandinavian Place-Name Studies, Honours Option course
  • Brandes, Strindberg and Ibsen, Honours Option course
  • Viking Studies, Honours Option course

Postgraduate teaching

  • Viking Studies, MSc course
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Scotland, MSc course
  • MSc Translation Studies, Norwegian

Research summary

  • Place-name studies; theory and methodology
  • Scandinavian place-names in Scandinavia, Scotland and the North Atlantic area
  • Scandinavian language and place-names in North America
  • Scandinavian language history and dialectology 

Arne welcomes research applications in Scandinavian language history, place-name studies and dialectology, and I am keen to participate in interdisciplinary projects relating similar subjects.

His research is focused on place-names; in particular how larger patterns of name distribution can be used as a tool to indicate settlement history. His research interest at the moment is on the early Viking period in Scotland and especially the early Norse place-names in the west of Scotland. Linked to this is Arne's other area of research interest, which is languages and cultures in contact, as seen from onomastic studies but also from historical sources and archaeology. He has a number of publications centered on the Norse in Scotland and the Scandinavians in North America.

Arne is a founding member of the Hjaltland Network.

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