Aristeidis Sionakidis

Thesis title: Molecular Dynamics of the Response to Breast Cancer Therapies

MRC DTP in Precision Medicine

Year of study: 1

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Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre
MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine
The University of Edinburgh
Western General Hospital
Crewe Road South

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I am a first-year PhD student in the MRC DTP in Precision Medicine. My research focuses primarily on the application of modern informatic and statistical tools on the analysis of large-scale breast cancer datasets containing gene expression information derived from patients.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Pharmacy (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) in 2018. I have also completed my Master's degree in Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation (University of Glasgow) in 2020. My undergraduate research project's aim was to successfully clone the coding sequence of the human IL2 gene (interleukin-2) and use the purified product for research on T-cells. My Master's thesis involved the analysis of hypertension-related pharmacogenomic data and visualisation of relevant information in Circos. My supervisor was Professor Sandosh Padmanabhan (University of Glasgow).


2013 - 2018: BSc in Pharmacy | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2019 - 2020: MSc in Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation | University of Glasgow

Research summary

My project's aim is to evaluate how modern statistical learning techniques, such as the random-projection ensemble classifier can be used for the analysis of high-dimensional patient-derived gene expression data to accurately stratify breast cancer patients to the most appropriate treatment groups. This will include identifying the most important predictive features at different time points before and on-treatment associated with short-term response, long term outcomes and validation across datasets.

Current research interests

Breast Cancer, Gene Expression Profiling, Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Past research interests

Cloning of the human IL2 gene for CAR T-cell strategies. Pharmacogenomics of hypertension.

Project activity

Undergraduate: Cloning of the human IL-2 coding sequence

Postgraduate (Master's thesis): Creating a patient-centric educational platform for personalised medicine