Ari Badlishah

Digital Engagement Officer


I am the Digital Engagement Officer working for the University of Edinburgh’s Online Learning Marketing Team. My main role is to promote the University’s online masters programmes and free short online courses / MOOCs.


• BA Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies - Newcastle University 

• MSc Marketing - The University of Edinburgh

Responsibilities & affiliations

• Creating and executing marketing plans to promote online programmes

• Developing effective digital content for paid advertising, organic social media, email marketing, website pages, outreach support, and online events

• Analysing and reporting on data and insights relating to digital channels

• Engagement with the online learning marketing staff community and external stakeholders

I lead a monthly webinar "TikToks and Instagram Reels: Creating Engaging Short-Form Video" open to staff under the Digital Skills Programme.

In a cluttered digital landscape where content must grab a user’s attention within mere seconds, short-form video like TikToks and Instagram Reels are key to engage with current and prospective students.

In this session you will learn:

  • What the short-form video format is and its monumental impact on social media
  • Perks of using short-form video in marketing
  • Examples of how short-form video has been used in the context of higher education
  • Theoretical aspects of creating and editing a short-form video, but also practical video production tips you can apply immediately

The session is suitable for staff in all roles. There are no prerequisites for this event, although a background in marketing would be useful.

Enrol here through People & Money.