Anssi Bwalya

PhD Psychology


My research focuses on self-control, metacognition and executive functions.

Additionally, I am very interested in science communication and journalism.


2021– University of Edinburgh, PhD in Psychology

  • Conducting research on the role of language and metacognition in the development of cognitive control

2019–2021 Leiden University, MSc in Psychology (Research), Specialisation: Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Thesis: ”Dog, Cat, ... Pterodactyl”: Word Selection Abilities and the Development of Semantic Verbal Fluency

2016–2019 Tampere University, BA in Psychology

  • Thesis: The modulation effect of the experience of being seen by another person on the relationship between perceived gaze direction and frontal EEG asymmetry




Current research interests

Self-control, metacognition, executive functions, motivation