Anssi Bwalya

PhD Psychology


My research focuses on cognitive development, language, and metacognitive abilities. 

Additionally, I am very interested in science communication and journalism.


2021– University of Edinburgh, PhD in Psychology

  • Conducting research on the role of language and metacognition in the development of cognitive control

2019–2021 Leiden University, MSc in Psychology (Research), Specialisation: Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Thesis: ”Dog, Cat, ... Pterodactyl”: Word Selection Abilities and the Development of Semantic Verbal Fluency

2016–2019 Tampere University, BA in Psychology

  • Thesis: The modulation effect of the experience of being seen by another person on the relationship between perceived gaze direction and frontal EEG asymmetry




Current research interests

Cognitive development, executive functions, self-directed speech, metacognition