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Name Role Business unit(s)
Yao Xiao
Xiaowen [Serina] Xie (PhD student)
Yarong Xie PhD Psychology
Chenzhe Xu
Jing Xu (PhD student)
Wei Xu Research Assistant
Wei Xu PhD Student
Yaoyao Xu Second year PhD Student
Yifang Xu (PhD student) PhD Student
Dan Yacavone Senior Lecturer in Film Studies (currently on research leave)
Erhan Yalcindag Research Fellow
Kana Yamasaki
Kaunda Yamba Vet
Dr Chia-Ying (Annie) Yang Teaching Fellow in Language Education
Jingjie Yang
Liu Yang
Mei-Hua Yang (PhD student)
Tian Yang PhD Student
Yuqing Yang
Richard Yardley School of Biological Sciences Administration Services Manager & Deputy Director of Professional Services