Anna Vittinghoff (BA, MSc)

Thesis title: Yonezu Tomoko, ūman ribu and the disabled movement - Radical intersectional feminism in Japan in the 1970s

Undergraduate teaching

Tutor in 'Pre-modern East Asian History', 'Modern East Asian History' and 'Politics and the Economy in Japan'

Research summary

Intersectional feminism, the ūman ribu movement, the disability movement, student movement and eugenics  in Japan from the 1960s to today

Project activity

Voices in Japanese Studies Podcast

@voicesinjs on Twitter

Current project grants

The Great Britain Sasakawa Scholarship
The Japan Foundation Endowment Committee Grant


Postgraduate Gender Research Network Scotland - "Intersections", Univeristy of Edinburgh, 2019

Papers delivered

International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics - "Sexual Revolutions - Sexual Politics", University of Ghent, 2018

The Global Conference of Women and Gender - "Intersectionality: Understanding Women’s Lives and Resistance in the Past and Present", Christopher Newport University, 2019

Joint East Asian Studies Conference 2019, University of Edinburgh