Anita Tobar Henríquez

PhD Psychology

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I am interested in how we use language during dialogue. In particular, my doctoral research focuses on the underlying components of individuals’ tendency to reuse their conversational partners’ lexical choices during conversation (i.e., lexical entrainment). I use online data collection to investigate how people's tendency to lexically entrain to a partner varies depending on individual differences (such as age, personality, and schizotypy) and social factors (such as the addressee’s linguistic community and their likeability). 

I am currently collaborating in the ESRC-funded project 'Conversational alignment in children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition and typically developing children'. 

Responsibilities & affiliations

Tutor for Linguistics and English Language (Undergraduates), Univariate Statistics Using R (MSc), and Multivariate Statistics Using R (MSc). 

Tutor for PPLS Writing Centre.

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Psycholinguistics, dialogue, linguistic accommodation, lexical entrainment, individual differences, linguistic interaction in atypical development, schizophrenia, autism.