Prof Andrew Mount

Dean of Research

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Room 285
University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

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Research summary

Electrochemistry, modified electrodes, biosensors, micro- and nanoelectrode arrays, molten salts

Research Overview

The group specialises in development and characterisation of novel electrodes and electrochemical systems. We are particularly interested in the development of micro- and nanoelectrode system for analytical and sensing applications. As part of the REFINE research consortium, for example, we are focussed on the fabrication of microelectrodes for high temperature environments such as molten salts. With these electrodes we are investigating the selective detection or electrodeposition of metals found in nuclear waste streams.

We are studying the unique characteristics of novel nanoband electrode arrays which have been designed and fabricated in conjunction with the Scottish Microelectronics Centre. Through understanding the divergent fundamental electrochemistry of these arrays, we hope to apply them to engage with a range of analytical challenges. One such challenge is the development of sensitive sensing devices for biological applications. TREM1 and MRSA create significant problems in the health care industry; we hope to address this issue by creating better diagnostic systems through the interdisciplinary development of novel electrode architectures.

We also collaborate in a number of industrially sponsored programmes. These include the development of cleaner and more sustainable methods for electrodeposition of magnetic materials, and the development of computational analytical methods for the electrochemical machining of complex components for industrial applications.

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