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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dr Martine Verheul Lecturer in Skill Acquisition & Motor Control
Matthieu Vermeren Imaging Facility Manager
Dr Douglas Vernimmen Chancellors Fellow/Research Fellow
Sarah Vernon Communications Support Officer
Professor Lonneke Vervelde Personal Chair of Veterinary Immunology &Infectious Diseases
Alex Vesey
Roser Vich-Gallego Teaching Fellow in Spanish and Catalan
Greig Vickers Senior Teaching Fellow (Drama Education)
Niki Vielma Learning Technologist
Tillmann Vierkant Senior Lecturer
Elisa Villalobos Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ana Villaplana Velasco
Dorothea Christiana Vincent (PhD student)
Florence Vincent
Fiona Vine IS Relationship Manager
Julien Virlogeux Tutor
Prof Ludo Visschers Professor of Economics
Ms.Nivedita Viswanathan
Dr Veronique Vitart Group Leader
Nicolai Vitt Fourth year PhD student