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Name Role Business unit(s)
Megan McGrath Communications Coordinator
Dr Callum McGregor Programme Director: MSc Social Justice and Community Action / Lecturer in Education
Dr Evelyn Mcgregor Teaching Fellow in Developmental Psychology
Mrs Gillian McGregor Laboratory Technician
Dr Mike McGrew Senior Lecturer
Mrs Irene McGuinnes Research Technician
Dr Lynne McGuire Research Fellow
Stuart McGurnaghan PhD Student
Aaron McHale Website Technical Coordinator / Software Engineer (PHP, Drupal)
Caroline McHutchison CReATe Clinical Research Scholar
Caroline McHutchison PhD Psychology
Kirstin Mcilvaney MSc Co-ordinator
Professor Andrew McIntosh Chair of Biological Psychiatry
Kirsty McIntosh Marketing and Communications Manager (CAHSS)
Mr Laurie McIntosh ICT Technical Support Officer, Operational Services
Mark McIntosh Service Manager
Robert McIntosh Professor
Jan McIntyre Teaching Fellow
Victoria McIntyre Undergraduate Office: Programmes Administrator
Alex McKay Digital Services: Senior Technology Support Officer