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Name Role Business unit(s)
Giulia Pacini Panebianco (PhD Research Student)
Anna Katarina Page PhD Linguistics and English Language
Danielle Page Research Assistant
Lesley Page (PhD student) Research Student
Claudia Pagliari Senior Lecturer in Primary Care and Informatics / Programme Co-Director (MSc Global eHealth)
Maciej Pajak Research Fellow
Nacim Pak Shiraz Head of Department, Senior Lecturer
Dr Suvankar Pal Consultant Neurologist & Senior Lecturer
Aristeidis Palamaras PhD Linguistics & English Language
Noemie Palay French Language Assistant
Marco Palone Language Assistant (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Chienwei Pan
Ravinder Panesar Student Induction Officer
Dr Lisa Pang Research Fellow
Tiffany Pang PhD Linguistics and English Language
Steph Panol Programme Administrator
Miss Ambra Panti Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Dr Nataša Pantić Programme Director: MSc Inclusive Education / Chancellor's Fellow
Fernando Pantoja Nunez
Katerina Pantoula PhD Linguistics & English Language