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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dulce Mendoza (PhD Graduate 2017) Research Student
Filip Mendusic
Alta Mene Undergraduate Office: Teaching Secretary (MA Primary + MA Primary Education with Gaelic)
Xiangrui Meng PhD Student
Robert Menzies Research Fellow
Stewart Mercer Professor of Primary Care and Multimorbidity
Prof Anna Meredith Personal Chair of Zoological and Conservation Medicine
Theresa Merrick Director of Communications and Marketing
Alex Merrington PhD Student
Ines Mesa-Eguiagaray PhD Student
Hristo Meshinski Assistant Web Developer
Cristian Mesquida Caldentey (PhD student)
Davide Messina Professor of Italian and Comparative Studies
Dr Dominique Meunier Research Fellow
Natascha Meunier Research Fellow
Dr Alison Meynert IGMM Bioinformatics Analysis Core Manager
Rachael Mfoafo e-Learning Support Officer
Zoi Michailidou ESAT Fellow
Christian Michel PhD Philosophy
Craig Middlemass Senior Business Analyst