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Name Role Business unit(s)
Professor George Newlands Professor Emeritus, Honorary Fellow
Andrew J. Newman Personal Chair of Islamic Studies and Persian
Emily Newman Lecturer, Psychology of Mental Health (Conversion) Director
Jo Newman Personal Assistant to the Director of Learning, Teaching and Web
Harry Newton Developer
Kathryn Newton Research Technician
Lilith Newton PhD Philosophy
Nic Newton
Dr Russell Newton Hope Trust Post-Doctoral Fellow
Elaine Newton-bruzza La Mina del Tango - Gendered Discourse in Tango Lyrics
Lucile Neyton
Dr Mai Nguyen Teaching Fellow in Language Education
Quoc Tuan Nguyen PhD Student
Bethany Nicholls Research Assistant
Anna Nicholson PhD Linguistics & English Language
Bonnie Nicholson
Dr Helen Nickerson Science and Strategy Coordinator
Dr Kristin Nicodemus
Jonathan Nicol
Dr Robbie Nicol Depute Head of School / Senior Lecturer in Outdoor Environmental Education