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Name Role Business unit(s)
Nicola Lynskey Career Track Fellows
Michael Lyons VPG Philosophy
Kacper Lyszkiewicz Learning Technologies Advisor
Iliana Litra PhD Philosophy
Jianxun Lyu Second year PhD Student
Defeng Ma IS Apps Student Systems Partnership Team Manager
Jingni MA
Mingye Ma Postdoctoral Fellow
Qian Ma PhD Psychology
Xuecong Ma Thesis title
Professor Neil Mabbott Personal Chair of Immunopathology
Dr James MacAllister Deputy Head of Institute for Education, Community & Society (IECS) / Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education
Alexandra MacAndrew Teaching Administrator
Juliet MacArthur Honorary Fellow
Mark Macaskill Post-doctoral Research Scientist
Cathlin Macaulay Archives Curator
Heather MacBain Head of CAHSS Marketing
Jacky MacBeath Head of Museums, Deputy Head of the Centre for Research Collections
Angus Macbeth Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Rosanna Maccagnano UK Research Funding Manager