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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dr Martina Balaam Fellow in Medical Education/Deputy Theme Head (PPD)
Dr Daniel Balaz Research Fellow
Claudia Baldassi PhD Student - Classics
Professor Richard Baldock Group Leader
Dominique Balharry Global Respiratory Health Research Manager
Angelica Balia PhD Linguistics and English Language
Adam Balic
Kerry Balkwill Alumni Administrator
Emily Ball
Kathryn Ball Chair in Biochemistry and Cell Signalling
Aileen Ballantyne Tutor
Maeve Ballantyne Research Fellow
Margaret Ballantyne Research Fellow
Tracy Ballinger Bioinformaticist
Viktoria Balogh
Evelyn Balsells PhD Student
Evelyn Balsells Hernandez PhD Student
Alberto Baltazar
Kasia Banas Senior Teaching Coordinator
Dr Davies Banda Director of Undergraduate Studies / Programme Director: BSc (Hons) Sport & Recreation Management / Lecturer in Sport Policy & Management