Dr Ana Nuevo-Chiquero

Senior Lecturer


Ana Nuevo-Chiquero obtained her PhD in Economics from Boston University in 2011. Ana’s areas of research are labour economics, demographic economics and health economics. Prior to joining the School of Economics, she held positions at Universitat de Barcelona and The University of Sheffield.


Recent Publications

“The Early Origins of Birth Order differences in Children’s Outcomes and Parental Behaviour” with Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann and Marian Vidal-Fernandez, forthcoming at the Journal of Human Resources.

“Do Personality Traits Affect Productivity? Evidence from the lab” Economic Journal, 126 (592), May 2016, with María Cubel, Santiago Sánchez-Pagés and Marian Vidal-Fernández
“The Labour Force Effect of Unplanned Childbearing” Labour Economics, 29, August 2014
“Trends in Self-Reported Spontaneous Abortions: 1970-200” Demography, 49(3), 2012 with Kevin Lang