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Name Role Business unit(s)
Lynne Wylie Sterile Services Assistant
Ion Wyness Clinical Tutor
Charley Xia Research Assistant
Lihua Xia PhD Psychology
Tian Xia
Jiacheng Xiao Fourth year PhD student
Ning [Vicky] Xiao (PhD student)
Yao Xiao
Zhuoni Xiao PhD Psychology
Dingjian Xie
Jing Xie MScR Student
Xiaowen [Serina] Xie (PhD student)
Yarong Xie PhD Psychology
Yanru Xin (PhD student)
Chenghuai Xu
Chenzhe Xu
Jing Xu (PhD student)
Dr Ximian Xu Kenneth and Isabel Morrison Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Theology and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Wei Xu Research Assistant