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Name Role Business unit(s)
John Widdowson (PhD student)
Ronny Wiegand Research Technology Manager
Valeri Wiegel Research Fellow
Dr Pam Wiener Reader
Alan Wigglesworth Deputy Director of Professional Services
Toni Wigglesworth CMI Administrator (ePrescribing)
Laura Wigley PhD Student
Chris Arie Wijaya
Roo Wijeyesekera
Jonathan Wild Senior Lecturer
Sarah Wild Professor of Epidemiology
Dr Emma Wild-Wood Senior Lecturer, African Christianity and African Indigenous Religions
Hans A. Wilke PhD Linguistics & English Language
Dr George R Wilkes Research Fellow specialising in Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace
Ellen Wilkie PhD Philosophy
Laura Wilkie Equine Veterinary Nurse
Rona Wilkie
Stephen Wilkie
Alisa Wilkinson Postgraduate (Taught) Senior Administrator
Professor Heather Wilkinson Director of E-CRED