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Name Role Business unit(s)
Jenny Shaw Head of Business Enhancement
John Shaw Honorary Fellow
Katie Shaw Senior Lecturer
Mae Shaw Honorary Fellow
Robert Shaw
Dr Philippa Sheail Library and Information Strategy Coordinator / Lecturer in Digital Education
Lorna Sheal Postgraduate Administrative Secretary / Student Support Officer
Fraser Shearer
Shane Sheehan Research Fellow
Aziz Sheikh Chair of Primary Care Research and Development
Brandon Shek
Miss Tara Sheldrake Research Assistant
Jun Shen
Qijuan Shen (PhD Graduate 2019) Research Student
Xia Shen Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Xueyi Shen Research Fellow
Xueyi Shen
Dr Susan D Shenkin Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Edinburgh; Honorary Consultant, NHS Lothian
Deirdre Shepherd Tutor
Ms Fran Shepherd