Alison Rodger

Professor of Infectious Diseases & HIV

  • Usher Institute
  • College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

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Usher Institute – University of Edinburgh
Doorway 1
Old Medical School
Teviot Place

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Alison joined the University of Edinburgh in September 2019 and holds a personal chair in infectious diseases and HIV. She also is Professor of Infectious Diseases at University College London and a Consultant in Infectious Diseases and HIV at the Royal Free Hospital. Her research interests include reducing rates of new HIV infections, HIV self-testing, assessing the cost effectiveness of HIV prevention initiatives including PrEP, and improving the long-term health of people with HIV. She was lead author on the PARTNER HIV transmission study, published recently in The Lancet, and leads the PANTHEON NIHR funded programme of research that looks at how HIV self-testing could improve HIV diagnosis rates. Alison co-chaired the BHIVA/BASHH UK PrEP guidelines as well as sitting on a number of other national guidelines groups. 

Alison is also part of the core group working on the Baby Biome Study (BBS) study which is a UK birth cohort study designed and initiated in response to an evolving understanding that differences in the perinatal and childhood acquisition of microorganisms, including pathogens and commensals, and the immune response, constitute major influences on morbidity and mortality throughout the life course. She is also a co-investigator on an RCUK award which is applying high-quality analysis to support health resource allocation in southern and eastern Africa and developing an ambitious model of all health and health systems in Malawi.