Al Innes (MA/Hons MSc)

Research Development Officer


Al Innes spent ten years working in audience development and project management for International Arts festivals, including the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

In 2013 he began working with Flexiant, the first European public cloud provider, developing business modelling and communications strategies to promote research and innovation projects bringing solutions to market, supported by the FP7 and H2020 frameworks

Since 2017, he has worked with the University of Edinburgh to provide strategic and developmental work across the institution.

In his spare time he plays on the right wing for the Scottish Writers’ Football Club. He lives with his cat in Leith.

Responsibilities & affiliations

In my current role I provide advice and guidance to academics across the University, on taking a research idea at its early stages of conception through developing it into a complete and competitive funding proposal.

Past project grants

2014 - 2017, Dissemination and Exploitation Manager - ENTICE (H2020) -
2013 - 2017, Exploitation Manager - DICE (H2020) -
2013 - 2016, Dissemination Manager - PaaSage (FP7) -
2012 - 2015, Work Package Leader - CELAR (FP7)