Alessandra Pellegrini De Luca

Thesis title: Terrorism and Realism in Contemporary Italian Literature: the Victim as a Literary Character and a Cultural Paradigm of the Years of Lead

Italian Studies

Year of study: 2

  • Department of European Languages and Cultures
  • School of Language, Literatures and Cultures

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Alessandra Pellegrini De Luca obtained her Master’s degree in Italian Studies at the University of Bologna in 2015, with a dissertation on Leonardo Sciascia and the Italian terrorism of the 1970s. She is currently pursuing her research at the University of Edinburgh with a AHRC-funded PhD on 'Terrorism and Realism in Contemporary Italian literature: the Victim as a Literary Character and a Cultural Paradigm of the Years of Lead' (supervisors Dr Davide Messina and Prof Federica Pedriali). She is also a freelance journalist for Italian newspapers. 


Bachelor Degree in Humanities (University of Bologna, 2013), Master Degree in Italian Studies (University of Bologna, 2015)

Undergraduate teaching

She is a Tutor in the following courses:

  • Foundation Italian 1 (Italian language)
  • Oral for Italian (Italian speaking)

Current project grants

AHRC SGSAH DTP Scholarship (2017-2019):


  • March 15, 2018, University of Edinburgh, co-organized with Dr Davide Messina, funded by Society of Italian Studies, Italian Cultural Institute (Edinburgh), University of Edinburgh: 'Years of Lead Reloaded | 40 Years After Aldo Moro’s Kidnapping'

       Screening of 'Buongiorno, notte' (Goodmorning, Night) by Marco Bellocchio,  2003 

       Invited Speakers: Giorgio Vasta, author of 'Il Tempo Materiale' ('Time on My Hands), 2008; Professor Philip Cooke (University of Stratchlyde)



  • University of Edinburgh (UK), November 15, 2017. UG-LED Italian Research Seminar: 'The Myth of the ‘Betrayed Resistance’ in 1970s Italy'
  • University of South Carolina (USA), February 15-18, 2018. 1968 in Global Perspectives: '1968 and Political Terrorism in Contemporary Italian and German Literature'

  • University of Sussex (UK), April 5-6, 2018. SIS Themed Conference 2018, Resistance in Italian Culture: Literature, Film and Politics: 'Resistance and Left-Wing Terrorism in Contemporary Italian Literature'

  • University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy), June 26-28th. Past (Im)Perfect Continuous: trans-cultural articulations of the Postmemory of WWII: 'Postmemorial articulations of the Italian Resistance in ideological terms'.