Alaa Alshaikh Sulaiman

Teaching Fellow in Arabic

  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Study
  • School of Literature, Languages and Cultures
  • The University of Edinburgh

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Alaa is a native speaker of Arabic language and a graduate of the University of Damascus, Syria.

Over the last 17 years, she taught classical, modern standard and colloquial Arabic as a second language at different institutions across the United Kingdom, She has also designed and delivered her own interactive teaching programmes and workshops.

Drawing on the latest and contemporary learning and teaching theories and frameworks, she has designed teaching materials in both modern standard Arabic and colloquial for the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes at the University of Edinburgh, which enhance the undergraduate, and postgraduates programme curricula.

In addition to her passion for teaching Arabic, her interests include the teaching language pedagogies, policies, frameworks and professionalism in higher education, in which she is continuing her postgraduate studies.


Alaa has been nominated for Edinburgh University Students’ Association Teaching Awards (EUSA) for two years in a row:

  •  'Best Practice in Inclusive Learning and Teaching Award'  (2017-2018)
  •  'Best Overall Teacher Award' (2016-2017)



Responsibilities & affiliations


  • Senior Fellow, SFHEA: The higher education academy & Edinburgh Teaching Award (EdTA) (2022)
  • Fellow, FHEA: The Higher Education Academy  (2016)

Undergraduate teaching

Arabic year 1 

Arabic year 2 

Arabic year 4

Introductory Arabic Language course semester & and 2

Introductory Arabic Language 2 course

Postgraduate teaching

  • Intensive Arabic A

  • Intensive Arabic B

  • Advanced Arabic E

  • Advanced Arabic D

  • Advanced Arabic G

  • Advanced Arabic H
  • Portfolio of written Translation Exercise