Agana-Nsiire Agana (MTh)

Thesis title: A Digital Theological Investigation of Identity Among Ghana's Christian Youth


Agana-Nsiire Agana is a third year SGSSAH funded PhD student at the University of Edinburgh School of Divinity, where he obtained his MTh in World Christianity in 2020. Agana is also a writer and has published fiction, poetry, and-nonfiction works internationally. He has been nominated for the prestigious quinquennial Millennium Excellence Award (2020) for contributing to the sociocultural development of Ghana through literature. Agana has worked as a software entrepreneur and and continues to be a technology advocate in Ghana.


MTh World Christianity, University of Edinburgh, UK. 2020.

B.A. Theological Studies, Valley View University, Ghana. 2019.

Certificate in Software Entrepreneurship. MEST Africa, Ghana. 2013.

Undergraduate teaching

THET 08018 - The God(s) of the Philosophers: Proposals and Problems

THET08017 Undergraduate Course: Christian Theology: Doctrines and Debates

Postgraduate teaching

PHIL11159 - Philosophy of Religion

THET11046 - Philosophy, Science, and Religion 2: Life and Mind

Research summary

Public & Digital Theology

Philosophy of Science and Religion

Current research interests

Based on Kierkegaard's existentialist philosophy and empirical work among Ghanaian youth, Agana's PhD research is a philosophical-theological investigation of personal identity construction in an age dominated by social media.

Past research interests

Free will and divine omniscience

Knowledge exchange

Agana has spoken at Black History Month Scotland on epistemological decolonisation in the academy, 2020. He has given several interviews and shares insights from his research via the Instagram handle @Technophany.

Affiliated research centres

Invited speaker

2023. Researching the Online Lives of Christians in Ghana - Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

2022. Global Perspectives on Digital Theology. Spurgeon's College, United Kingdom

2021. Black History Month Scotland. Gave a talk on epistemological decolonisation in the British Academy.

2018. Global Earth Day. A day-long forum on the effects of plastic pollution. Hosted by the Ghana Education Service at the University of Ghana


2022. Conference Administrator, Yale-Edinburgh Group Annual Meeting. Coordinated the Edinburgh Hub of the 2022 annual conference of the Yale-Edinburgh Group on World Christianity and the History of Mission. Hosted by Yale University and co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh.

2021. Conference Administrator, Yale-Edinburgh Group Annual Meeting. Coordinated the organisation of the 2021 annual conference of the Yale-Edinburgh Group on World Christianity and the History of Mission on the theme: Oral, Print, and Digital Cultures, hosted by the Centre for the Study of World Christianity University of Edinburgh and co-sponsored by Yale Divinity School.


2021. iFaith Workshop, Theme: “Rewiring the House of God: Religious Self-World Relations in the Digital Environment.”

2021. 7th Africa Together Conference, “Strides of Change.” Hosted by the African Society of Cambridge University.

2020. 4th Princeton Humanities Colloquium, “Africa and the Digital Humanities.”

2020. International Research Workshop: Social Media and Religion. Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to social media research.

2020. Scholars at the Periphery. Panel on Decolonialisation and Religion in Africa.

Papers delivered

2023. Paper presentation: What Does the Network Really Look Like? Rethinking the Sociality of Digital Religion? To be presented at American Academy of Religoin annual conference, San Antonio, Texas.

2023. Paper presentation: Metaphors Old and New, and What (Not) to Do With Them

2022. Annual conference of the Global Network for Digital Theology. Paper presentation:  Action and Reflection in the Digital Age: A Kierkegaardian Perspective on Selfhood.

2022. Yale-Edinburgh Conference on World Christianity and the History of Mission 2021. Delivered a paper entitled: Save the Date! Pre-Wedding Photos, Social Media, and Church Authority.

2022. SGSAH Year 2 Symposium. Presented a paper: Authority and Authenticity in Ghana’s Online Christianity.

2021. New College Postgraduate Colloquium 2021. A Digital Theological Investigation of Identity among Ghanaian Youth.

2021. Annual conference of the Global Network for Digital Theology.   Annual conference of the  Global Network for Digital Theology. Respondent to paper Cybertheology and Digital Theology: the development of theological reflection on the digital in Brazilian Catholic Theology.

2014. African Growth Through Technology Summit. Conference Speaker: “Building a Vibrant Technology Community: Lessons from Ghana.” Banjul, The Gambia.

In the press

Link Between Tech, Life, And Philosophy With Agana-Nsiire Agana – STN #S02E14 -

Interview: Agana-Nsiire Agana on Digital Theology, African Theology, and Young Christians in Ghana -

2021. Black History Month Scotland. Gave a talk on epistemological decolonisation in the British Academy -


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Book Reviews

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