Dr Abigail Diack

Roslin Research Fellow


Dr Abigail Diack is an animal scientist with ten years experience in the study of prion diseases or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE).  She completed a BSc in Animal Science at the University of Aberdeen, followed by a MSc in Mammalian Reproduction at the University of Aberdeen/Scottish Agriculture College.  She then went onto a PhD at the University of Glasgow studying the genetics of the porcine acute phase proteins.

Dr Diack joined the Roslin Institute in 2007 as a post-doctoral fellow and in 2017 was made a Career Track Fellow.  She runs a research group in which the primary research focus is understanding the potential for prion strains to move within and between species and the mechanisms involved.  She and her group have expertise in TSE neuropathology, biochemistry and the use of TSE in vivo models.


2004 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Glasgow Study of the genetics of the porcine acute phase proteins

2003 Master in Science, University of Aberdeen

1999 Bachelor of Science, University of Aberdeen

Research summary

Human and animal prion disease pathogenesis and strain characterisation.

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