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Name Role Business unit(s)
Mr Joseph Azrak Undergraduate EEE student
Luana Babini Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Anna Babloyan Senior Teaching Fellow
Michela Bacci Student Support Officer
Kiri Backhouse Programme Analyst
Miss Heather Bacon Welfare Education & Outreach Manager
Esperanza Badaya PhD Psychology
Ms Ruta Bader Portfolio Manager (IPAB, ICSA and Speckled)
Ari Badlishah Digital Engagement Officer
Raffaela Baechler Visitor
Prof Jesper Bagger Professor of Economics
Prof. Liz Baggs Deputy Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, and Chair of Food and Environmental Security
Pierre Bagnaninchi
Dr Liang Bai Lecturer
Mary Bailes Research Funding Specialist
Rachael Bailes
Danielle Bailey Clinical Laboratory Technician
Grace Bailey
Matthew Bailey Personal Chair of Renal Physiology
Cara-May Bailie Small Animal Rotating Intern