The University of Edinburgh is committed to fair trade procurement and to raising awareness on fairness in trade.

We have been a Fairtrade University since 2004, making commitments to fair trade procurement, awareness-raising, and research.

Our Fairtrade University status is awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation, in recognition of our continued promotion Fairtrade products and principles. The Fairtrade label signifies a higher price is paid to farmers in developing countries, as well as additional benefits such as a Fairtrade Premium for community development, and training for disadvantage producers.

See our fair trade web pages for details of our fair trade policy, staff and student Fair Trade Steering Group, and fair trade engagement activities.

Fair Trade web pages

Building on our experience as a Fairtrade University, we are now taking a much broader approach to fairness in trade. As well as supporting a wider range of codes and standards relating to ethics in supply chains, we encourage interdisciplinary research on fairness in trade, via our Fair Trade Academic Network.

Fair Trade Academic Network web pages