Purchases over £50,000

These purchases are regulated and follow "Route 2" or "Route 3" of the Procurement Journey. You must contact University Procurement before proceeding.

Regulated Procurements

Purchases £50,000 and above (before VAT) made outwith current University contracts are regulated by Scottish Procurement rules. These generally involve a full tender process, which must be managed by the Procurement Office. 

These will be subject to legal requirements and minimum timescales [PowerPoint], which will vary depending on the level of spend.

EU procedures and timescales chart [MO Excel]

The Procurement Office manages formal procurements in partnership with the budget holder and/or end user.  Procurement at this level requires a procurement plan with appropriate approvals as per the University’s Delegated Authority Schedule and must be conducted in accordance with the University Procurement Strategy.

Procurement decisions at any level need to demonstrate Value for Money, reflecting a beneficial combination of cost, quality and sustainability considerations. Procurements should must also fulfill the University's sustainability-related policies and strategic commitments. 

Legal Framework 

The University of Edinburgh is a non-central Public Contracting Authority for the purpose of public procurement regulations. We are subject to the following:  

Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations 2015 that implement the EU Procurement Directives 2014

Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014

The Procurement Reform Act implements the Sustainable Procurement Duty, the Community Benefits Requirement and the Fair Work Practices requirement. The University must also have regard for:

Procurement Reform Act Statutory Guidance

Periodic Scottish Procurement Policy Notes and Construction Policy Notes

BREXIT: There are currently no changes to our duties stemming from Brexit. This is under constant review and this information will be updated as needed.

The Procurement Journey

The University of Edinburgh follows the Procurement Journey. The Procurement Journey, created by the Scottish Government, provides practical guidance and templates for carrying out procurements that obtain value for money and fulfill legal duties. Different journey "routes" align with legal thresholds:

"Route 1" applies under £50,000 (see How to buy guidance for University procedures at this level)

"Route 2" applies between £50,000 and £189,330 (Scottish rules)

"Route 3" applies £189,330 and above (EU rules)

For more information, see the Procurement Journey.

Please note: We are subject to aggregation rules, where multiple purchases aggregate to determine thresholds. Thus, even if your purchase is under £50,000, if others at the University make a similar purchase, then Routes 2 or 3 may apply. The University can manage this kind of spend through aggregated contracts known as Framework Agreements. See "Route 1" Guidance for more information.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Procurement Journey for improvements please contact Peter Hayakawa