Purchase to Pay Process

Information on the updated purchase to pay process

In order to strengthen processes and implement internal audit recommendations, the University follows the following process for purchase ledgers.  

New purchase ledger P07 (non-trade creditors)

A new purchase ledger separates the processing and payment of invoices for trade creditors (suppliers of goods services and works), from other types of payments requests you submit to Accounts Payable.  Trade creditor supplier creations and payments will continue in the existing main purchase ledger (P01), with other payments being made from the new purchase ledger (P07).

Procurement checks on new suppliers

Requests for new suppliers falling under the trade creditor category (P01 ledger) will be routed to the Procurement Office for additional checks, prior to the new supplier being created.  This includes a requirement for all new trade creditors to complete a self-declaration form prior to being added to eFinancials. This form asks suppliers to confirm that they have no involvement in criminality, tax evasion, blacklisting or modern slavery.


It should be sent to the supplier for completion, along with the request for bank details, and must be attached to the request for a new supplier in FPM


A fuller explanation of procurement involvement in the process for requesting new suppliers can be found at:


In order to accommodate the above process, some systems changes have also been made.


Raising purchase orders in eFinancials

There are some minor amendments to the order entry screen in eFinancials, the details of which can be found at:


Requesting new suppliers via FPM

Full details of FPM changes, including how to determine which purchase ledger is appropriate for your supplier can be found at: