Procurement Journey - Route Two

Between £50,000 and £189,330, budget holders must contact the Procurement Office, who will lead a Regulated Procurement.

What do budget holders need to do?

Step 1: First, estimate the value of your requirement to determine if the "Route 2" regulated threshold applies (£50,000)

-If under £50,000 (excluding VAT), please follow University procedures found in the How to Buy guidance that aligns with Procurement Journey "Route 1."

-If £189,330 or above, contact the Procurement Office and refer to Procurement Journey "Route 3." 

-Please note that thresholds are subject to aggregation rules.

-Please be aware of budget holder and Procurement Office roles and responsibilities regarding procurement.


Step 2: If it does, contact the procurement office before engaging in procurement activity or contacting suppliers

-Between £50,000 and £189,330, the Procurement Reform Act (Scotland) applies and the University conducts a formal tender process following the guidance in "Route 2" of the Procurement Journey.

-See the Procurement Process and Timescale Chart [PDF] for rough timescales.


Step 3: "Route 2" steps are managed by the Procurement Office in partnership with the budget holder

-Budget holders must work with the Procurement Office to develop a procurement plan, which must be approved by the Director of Procurement, as per the University's Delegated Authorisation Schedule. Purchases may require additional approvals under the schedule.

-The Procurement Office will then work with the budget holder to develop the procurement documents and manage the tender process. Please note that this process will be subject to minimum timescales.

-All procurements, regardless of value, must comply with the EU public procurement principles (equal treatment, non-discrimination, mutual recognition, transparency and proportionality) and also with the University's Procurement Strategy

-Procurements at this level must also comply with the Sustainable Procurement Duty and the Fair Working Practices Requirement (which includes consideration of the Living Wage) [pdf].  Appropriate Community Benefits Requirements that support the vision and mission of the University should also be considered. 


For more info about regulated procurements, please see "Route 2"of the Procurement Journey or the Procurement Journey main page.

Please Note: Estates Department procurement follows a separate process. Please contact Estates category manager Louise Aird or for more info.

If you have questions or comments please contact Peter Hayakawa 0131 651 4380.